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  • Top paid law careers - Gun Lawsuits

    As the world of law is very diverse so are the related earnings. As most people know lawyers that work in the private sector earn significantly more than their colleagues in state government.  Patent lawyer salary Analyzing and assessing whether some invention is eligible for a patent or not is patent lawyer’s work. Advising …

  • Some top law practices - Gun Lawsuits

    As there is a focus on specific areas in medicine, such as in specific area of body, specific disease or specific age group so there is with lawyers where they typically specialize in few related or one specific type of law. There are so many different areas of law today it often makes confusion among …

  • Top skills the successful lawyers have - Gun Lawsuits

    It is important to remember that these skills you need for your ideal career have to be developed and worked on all the time if you want to keep your relevance and quality reputation. Good old saying we all know “practice makes perfect” is really true. Here are just some of these skills that need …

  • Brady Center Wins Ruling Against Guns in National Parks

    The Bush Administration failed to follow Federal environmental laws in its attempt to give the gun lobby a last-minute gift by allowing loaded, hidden guns into national parks and wildlife refuges, a Federal judge ruled. U.S. District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly issued an injunction restoring prior rules that weapons be unloaded and safely secured in …

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